Audiocenter K-LA212-SDP90/SP2318 sub SET

Audiocenter K-LA212-SDP90/SP2318 sub SET

Producător: AudioCenter
Cod produs: Audiocenter K-LA212-SDP90/SP2318 sub SET
Disponibilitate: disponibil in 8-10 zile
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Audiocenter K-LA212-SDP90/SP2318 subwoofere este o oferta de nerefuzat. Un sistem de sonorizare plug and play, activ, format din 4 subwoofere de 2x18” si 6 module line-array perfect gandite ca acest echipament de sonorizare sa acopere toata plaja de frecvente 35-20000 Hz, la un SPL max de 136 dB si 140db suburi , avand o putere nominala de 17400W, urcand in peak chiar pana la 26000 W. Claritate excelenta si o dispersie a sunetului foarte buna. Procesarea interna este 96kHz in 24 bits, DSP-ul incorporat lucrand astfel cu maxima precizie, cu o rata de distorsiuni surprinzator de mica: sub 0,05%. Interesant este si faptul ca sistemul poate fi folosit atat Indoor, cat si Outdoor, recomandat fiind insa doar pentru aplicatii mari, sau cluburi unde este necesara forta. Sub raportul calitate/pret e greu de gasit competitori la aceasta calitate, driverele interne fiind Beyma customizate. Sistemul contine si doua suporturi ground stack pentru module.

Calitatea noastra de distribuitor in Romania pentru Audiocenter va va asigura cele mai bune preturi pentru produsele acestui producator care nu face niciun rabat de la calitate. Produse recomandate de magazinul nostru, acum la oferta cu discount pentru promovare.


K-LA212-DSP90 / K-LA212-DSP60

Product Overview

K-LA212-DSP90 / K-LA212-DSP60 is an active DSP-controlled line array speaker. It can be compared to three-way systems for the sound performance, and with more compact size and lighter weight, K-LA212-DSP90 / K-LA212-DSP60 has more advantages for easier handling and transportation. 

The K-LA212-DSP90 / K-LA212-DSP60 incorporates a novel phase corrector, which shifts the center of the speakers closer to the center of the box. This same corrector optimizes the working frequency of the speaker and the waveguides system of the horn, getting a sum of + 6dB on the entire response band of the subwoofer. Create a two-way coaxial system capable of achieving a consistent response across the horizontal plane coverage. It is with high-performance, small size and light weight, which is suitable for both touring performancel and fixed installations.

The HF drivers are two customized Beyma drivers with composite membrane (2.84” voice coil), and the LF drivers are two customized Beyma 12” divers (3” voice coil).

K-LA212-DSP90 / K-LA212-DSP60 system can be used as main PA sound reinforcement with 3 cabinets at least and 16 cabinets maximum per array.

K-LA212-DSP90 / K-LA212-DSP60 can be suspended vertically. The integrated hardware built-in to the cabinet with 12.0mm high intensity pins make installation easy and convenient. The system can be combined in modularization according to the coverage angle of place, which can meet the requirements of different applications. The installation of the system is very flexible and convenient. For those places where the system can not be flown, there are customized frames suitable for both flying and ground stacking (maximum 4 cabinets).


Active DSP-controlled full range loudspeaker


3 cabinets minimum, 16 cabinets maximum per array

Frequency Response(-6dB anechoic chamber)


Maximum Calculated SPL/1M


LF/MF Driver

Customized Beyma ferrite driver, 3” voice coil

HF Driver

Customized Beyma Neodymium driver, 1.4” exit, 2.84” voice coil

K-A212-DSP90 Horizontal Coverage Angle(Symmetrical)


K-A212-DSP60 Horizontal Coverage Angle(Symmetrical)


Vertical Coverage Angle(Symmetrical)

Depend on the amount of the speaker and curvature of the line array


Amplifier Circuitry

Class D

Power(RMS standards)


Frequency Response(1W 8Ω 2ch)


Intermodulation Distortion


Total Harmonic Distortion



DC protection, short circuit protection, overheat protection, input overload protection, output overload protection, soft startup protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection

Cooling System

Cooling with fans



96KHz signal sampling frequency, 56bit precision


Fixed system presets


Controlled by DSP



Signal Input

1×NEUTRIK® female XLR

Signal Output 


Power Input

Powercon NAC3MPA

Power Output


Working Voltage

85V-265V  50Hz (60Hz)    


Angle Adjustment

0°, 1°, 2°, 3°, 4°, 5°,6°, 7°, 8°, 9°,10°

Cabinet Material

Russian birch plywood CNC made

Cabinet Color

Black is standard and default color.Consult with sales team for the other customized colors



Net Weight




Product Overview

SP3218 is a subwoofer which can be used in various applications, such as fixed installs like multiple-function hall, meeting room, convention centers and touring performance like road shows, product launch, etc.

SP3218 is built with two Customized Audiocenter 18” LF drivers with 4” voice coil, D.F.L.(Dual Frequency Loading) technology, which increases response speed and decreases inertial offset at the most.

It is made of excellent wood which has tongue and groove CNC cabinet design ensures very low resonance.



Frequency Response(-6dB anechoic chamber)


  Rated Power(AES)


Maximum SPL


LF Driver

2×Customized AUDIOCENTER 18” ferrite driver, 4” voice coil

Rated Impedance

8Ω(+1, -1; +2, -2) 

Pole Mount

M20 base Φ35mm

Input Connectors


Cabinet Material

CNC made of excellent wood

Cabinet Color

Black is standard and default color. Consult with Audiocenter sales team for other customized colors.



Net Weight



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