Audiofocus FR-X15a - MTsub218a, self-powered SET

Audiofocus FR-X15a - MTsub218a, self-powered SET

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Cod produs: Audiofocus FR-X15a - MTsub218a, self-powered SET
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Audiofocus FR-X15a-MTSub218a MKII SET reprezinta un sistem de sonorizare  format din 4 subwoofere duble 2 x18” si 4 top-uri arayable FR-X15a (15” + 1,4”). Realmente, atat subwooferele, cat si top-urile sunt niste bestii, acest set dezvoltand o putere de peste 16800 W RMS, la un maxim SPL de 143 dB. In functie de preferinte, sistemul poate fi: rental, instal, active , sau pasive, iar pentru o cotatie de pret, va rugam sunati la magazin, calitatea noastra de reprezentanta Audiofocus in Romania va va oferi categoric cele mai mici preturi cu putinta pentru acesti colosi. Produsele se aduc numai la comanda, cu plata integral anticipat garantata cu Bilet la Ordin pana la livrarea integrala si au o garantie de 3 ani, fiind integral produse in Europa de Audiofocus (Belgia). Sunt produse de top line, state of art, in categoria celor mai bune produse de acest tip din lume, avand o calitate fara repros, frumoase si fiabile, extrem de puternice, care se preteaza atat la sonorizari Indoor (mari), cat si Outdoor pentru concerte, Festivaluri, etc. Termenul de livrare este de aproximativ 2 saptamani, produsele dupa fabricare sunt testate metodic de producator inainte de expeditie. Dioferitele configuratii solicitate beneficiaza de toate accesoriile necesare: case-uri, lid-uri, bumpere, sisteme de prindere, fixare, agatare, suspendare, conectica, software, etc. Pentru primul montaj se ofera asistenta tehnica si un mini-curs de instruire. Produse recomandate de magazinul nostru sub toate aspectele.

Detalii tehnice si prezentare:

OBS. Distantierele “T” sunt optionale, un model particularizat sa suporte 2x35kg.

FR-X 15a

Key Features

  • Multi-functional FOH system
  • For audiances of 100-3000 people
  • Plug & Play system
  • Adaptive (rotable) AF horn 80x30°
  • X-comb technology inside
  • Optimised for medium throw applications
  • Active/Dante/Passive versions

R-X 15a is compact, 2-way, self-powered enclosure. It features one 15’’ neodymium speaker in a bass-reflex enclosure and one 1,4’’ ferrite compression driver coupled to a versatile AF horn.

FR-X 15a operates over the nominal frequency range of 50Hz to 20kHz. The AF versatile horn generates a 80°x30° asymmetric directivity pattern and is easy to rotate in a few seconds. The cabinets are made of first grade Baltic birch plywood.

The FR-X rigging system allows assembling a horizontal or vertical array with constant curvature. Coupling between traditional horns causes a lot of comb effect resulting in poor sound projection and coherence in the space due to bad coupling between cabinets.


2-way, vented self-powered FOH system

Usable bandwith (-6dB)

50 Hz - 20 kHz ([Extended] preset)

Maximum SPL Peak / 1m

139.5 dB (1)

Coverage angle (-6dB)

80° x 30°, "VERH-II" rotating system (2)


LF: 1 x 15", neodymium, weather resistant,
HF: 1 x 1,4", ferrite, compression driver, AF versatile horn

Input impedance

10 kΩ balanced

RMS power handling

2200 W (3)


Balanced 1 x IN, 1x OUT Neutrik© XLR
1 x IN, 1 x OUT Neutrik© Powercon

Rigging components

H coupling bars + standard cargo

Dimensions (H x W x D)

680 x 429 x 437 mm (incl. feet) / 22,5°


35 kg / 77 lb


Baltic birch plywood


High resistant Polyurea coating


Steel removable grill on magnets

Mounting accessories

d35 steel flange

(1) Peak SPL is calculated on built in amplifier's peak output voltage limit, perfectly matched with specific FR-X 15a driver.
(2) ''VERH-II' system to change directivity in less than 1min without tools. 
(3) RMS power is given by the RMS power handling of the specific FR-X 15a driver.


FR-X user’s manual31. Securing cabinets with the H profile to ensure perfect couplinga) Put the cabinets side by side and line up the cargo pointsb) Sliding of the H profile to make the coupling:The AUDIOFOCUS H profile fits the cabinet cargo hardware perfectly to join cabinetsc) Slide the two H profiles in the top and bottom cargo profilesFR-X user’s manual4d) Once the H profiles are fully inserted (1), connect the front and rear M10 shackles to lift the complete set (2)Examples of configurationsFR-X vertical coupling2 x FR-X on truss (cargo)FR-X horizontal couplingFR-X pole mounted12FR-X user’s manual5II. Directivity setup:The rotatable 80°x30° horn in FR-X cabinets can be adjusted without any tools:Remote the front grill (magnet) Access to the 80x30 horn is easy Remove the 4 hand nutsRotate the horn to the position required and tighten the 4 hand nuts:H30° x V80°H80° x V30° 80° 30° 80° 30° FR-X user’s manual6III. Electronic overview:FR-X 12a uses a 2 x 1100 Wrms amplifier while FR-X 15a uses a 2 x 1700 Wrms one. Both are digital high efficiency amplifier that integrates 4 useful preset.These presets are based on the fact that mutual coupling between subwoofers influences the displacement of each transducer’s cone in the enclosure. Preset have been designed to optimize the displacement and ensure best working conditions.1. The main voltage must be ALWAYS earthed to protect user in case of current losses or bad insulation (shock hazard).2. ALWAYS replace the fuse with the same type and value (T10A/240V).3. Make sure that the power switch is set to “OFF” before you connect the devices4. A good cable improves the sound quality. Input cables should be as short as possible.5. If long cable are necessary, you should use balanced cables.!Dagnosis and status Leds:Limit: ON when output signal is @-3dBspl of the peak.Temp: ON when working temperature is too high. The internal fan runs at 100% of its speed * Signal:ON when a signal is detected at the input of the cabinet.Ready: ON after a few seconds, the system is ready for use. Diagnosis and status Leds.Preset tableVolume control from -∞ to +6dBuBalanced Input 2+/3-/1GNDBalanced Ouptut 2+/3-/1GNDPreset selection switchIN main power supply connector (powercon)OUT main power supply connector (powercon)FR-X user’s manual7IV. Preset explanations:Preset 1: ‘‘Extended’’ has been made for application that need low end when FRX is used without added subwooferPreset 2: ‘‘Fullrange’’ is similar to ‘’extended’’ but without LF correction. This preset if close to be neutral and flat reproduction for voice applications.Preset 3: ‘‘FOH odd’’ is specific AUDIOFOCUS preset for front stage when FRX are side by side coupled (refer to X-Comb section)Preset4: ‘‘FOH even’’ is specific AUDIOFOCUS preset for front stage when FRX are side by side coupled (refer to X-Comb section)V. X-Comb philosophy and setup:Basical explanation about ‘’X-comb’’ technology: Coupling between two sources that are discontinued makes appear a comb effect problem. This mean that if you walk in front of the cabinets that are coupled, you will ‘’feel’’ some ‘’holes’’ and ‘’maximum’’ due to the distance the sources and the ears. Some frequencies arrives in phase and other ones out of phase. The earing system feels these maximum and minimum: this is the comb effect. This is the reason why AUDIOFOCUS developed ‘’Cross-comb’’ or ‘’X-comb’’ technology based on specific horn, psychoacoustic features and DSP treatment.Example of Setup of 2 x 4 coupled FR-X for FOH stage: a) Set all horns to 30° abs asselmble the array using 6 H profilesNormal coupled sourcesFR-X user’s manual8b) If we consider 2 stacks of 4 FR-X, we will have the following configuration:c) Identify the position of each cabinet as illustrated below. Note that left and right stacks are mirrored.d) With four FR-X per side your cabinet positions will be as follows:e) Set your presets: - Odd ranks (1-3-5...) have to be placed in preset 3 - Even ranks (2-4-6...) have to be placed in preset 4Preset 4 Preset 3 Preset 4Preset 3 Preset 3Preset 4Preset 3Preset 4Left stackRight stack 4 3 2 1 1 2 3 4FR-X user’s manual9CAUTIONS!CAUTION: Turn the amplifier on last and off first!Keep this device away from rain and moisture!Every person involved with the installation, operation and maintenance of this device has to:- be qualified.- follow the instructions of this manual.- consider this manual to be part of the total product.- keep this manual for the entire service life of the product.- pass this manual on to every further owner or user of the product.- download the latest version of the user manual from the Internet.Safety instructions:That device has been CE approved. All the subsets are fully RoHS and CEM compatible.This speaker-system has left our premises in absolutely perfect condition. In order to maintain this condition and to ensure a safe opera-tion, it is absolutely necessary for the user to follow the safety instructions and warning notes written in this user manual.Important:Damages caused by the disregard of this user manual are not subject to warranty. The dealer will not accept liability for any resulting defects or problems.Please make sure that there are no obvious transport damages. Should you notice any damages on the connection panel or on the casing? Do not take the speaker-system into operation and immediately consult your local dealer.DANGER OF BURNING!The materials used in this speaker-system are normally flammable. If B1 is required at the installation place, the surface must be treated with an appropriate fire retardant in regular intervals.DANGER TO LIFE!A crashing speaker-system can cause deadly accidents. All safety instructions given in this manual must be observed.Before the speaker-system is switched on all faders and volume controls have to be set to «-∞» or «min» position.HEALTH HAZARD!By operating speaker-systems with an amplifier, you can produce excessive sound pressure levels that may lead to permanent hearing loss.Keep away children and amateurs! There are no serviceable parts inside the speaker-system. Maintenance and service operations are only to be carried out by authorized dealers.Operating determinations:This audio system is a passive or active system which can be used for permanent installations or for mobile use.This product is only allowed to be connected with appropriate power amplifier and sources. It was designed for indoor use only.The maximum power of the speaker system must never be exceeded. When operating the speaker system, please make sure that the loudspeakers always sound well. When distortions can be heard, the amplifier or the loudspeaker is overloaded, or signal is very poor qua-lity. Overloads can quickly lead to amplifier, speaker or hears damage. In order to avoid damage, please reduce the volume immediately when distortions can be heard. When speaker systems are destroyed by overload, the guarantee becomes void.By operating speaker systems with an amplifier, you can produce excessive sound pressure levels that may lead to permanent hearing loss. Please refer to the explanations under «Legal instructions».!!!FR-X user’s manual10WARNING!Speaker systems must only be operated by trained persons.Danger of Life due to crashing speaker systems or hearing loss due to excessive sound pressure levels! The different local conditions have to be considered in terms of safety rules.When using smoke machines, make sure that the speaker system is never exposed to the direct smoke jet and is installed in a distance of 0.5 meters between smoke machine and speaker system. The ambient temperature must always be between +3° C and +45° C. Keep away from direct insulation(particularly in cars) and heaters.This speaker system must only be installed at a solid, plane, anti-slip, vibration-free, oscillation-free and fire-resistant location. LEGAL INSTRUCTIONS:Operating an amplification system can produce extremely high noise levels that may cause a permanent hearing loss. The legal ins-tructions for using an amplification system vary from country to country. The user must always inform himself on the legal instructions valid in his country and apply them to his situation. Always monitor the sound pressure level when operating an amplification system in discotheques, concerts etc. Never exceed the permissible noise level exposures as specified by your authorities. The monitoring of the noise levels must be documented in an appropriate way.Hearing damage caused by high noise levels can be treated as physical injury and persecuted by law. Please note that the organizer is responsible for keeping to a specified noise level. If this noise level will be exceeded, the event may be cancelled immediately.If the organizer does not fulfill his safety duties, he is reliable by civil law for any damages occurred, e.g.: Pay the treatment costs of the damaged person, pay a smart money to the damaged person.Economic damage caused can be demanded from the operator of the amplification system. If hired persons work with amplification sys-tems: the noise levels of music events are almost always too high. This is why the entrepreneur has to set up warning signs and provide hearing protectors. The staff has to use these.AudioFocus© cannot be made liable for damages caused by incorrect installations and excessive noise levels.Please note: When using this speaker system in public or industrial areas, a series of safety instructions have to be followed that this manual can only give in part. The operator must therefore inform himself on the current safety instructions and consider them.Before installing the system, make sure that the installation area can hold a minimum point load of 8 times the system’s load (e.g. weight 20 kg - point load 160 kg).The speaker system must never be installed higher than 100 cm without secondary attachment.For overhead use (mounting height >100 cm), always fix the speaker system with an appropriate safety rope.DANGER!This speaker system must only be suspended by experienced and trained persons - Danger to Life due to crashing speaker systems!If the original speaker system is equipped with an appropriate flange, this speaker system can be installed on top of a subwoofer (satellite system), on a speaker stand, an appropriate stand or an appropriate wall-mounting. The carrying capacity of the distance-tube, the speakerstand, the stand or the wall-mounting must never be exceeded. The Top units must always provide enough stability. The Sub unit base surface must always be sufficiently dimensioned in relation to the top speaker in order to prevent tilting over.Operate the speaker system only after having familiarized with its functions. Do not permit operation by persons not qualified for operating the speaker system. Most damages are the result of unprofessional operation!Speaker systems must never be transported with cranes. Never stack heavy objects on this speaker system. Persons must never climb onto this spea-ker system. Never use solvents or aggressive detergents in order to clean the speaker system! Rather use a soft and damp cloth.Please consider that unauthorized modifications on the speaker system are forbidden due to safety reasons!If this speaker system will be operated in any way different to the one described in this manual, the product may suffer damages and the guarantee becomes void. Furthermore, any other operation may lead to dangers like crashes, hearing loss etc.!



Key Features

  • Cardioid/end fire setups
  • Truck size dimensions
  • 2000 Wrms power handling
  • Touring state of the art 2x18''
  • Pole mount socket
  • Active/Passive versions

MTsub218 MKII is a powerful state-of-the-art subwoofer designed for a wide range of sound reinforcement applications from outdoor events and concert halls to theatres where high-end sound quality and return on investment are crucial.

Dual 18’’ Faital Pro offers efficiency of 106dBspl 1W/1m 2pisr and a wide bandwidth 40-110Hz @-3dBspl. Power handling of MTsub218 MKII sub bass is 1400Wrms and active version is capable to reach 2000 Wrms due to its internal high quality Powersoft Digital amplifier.

The design of this subwoofer is absolutely unique and has been made by our R&D department to ensure an exceptional sensitivity.

Thank to this specific principle, MTSub218 MKII has a more powerful throw than competitors.

The passive version can be managed with Lake, XTA, Matrix Media or Q-Sys but we recommend Powersoft amplifiers with custom presets especially prepared for Audiofocus Mtsub218 MKII.

Plug & Play version offers to the user a full secured and easy to setup subwoofer. The perfect matching between Powersoft module and transducers gives high damping, punch and deep reproduction of the sound. The internal DSP treatment is managed with 4 clever preset including cardio mode.


MTsub218(a) MKII


Vented T-ligned - Passive/Active


2 x 18"" woofer & 3"" Voice coil

Power handling RMS / Peak

Passive: 1400 W RMS / 2500 W Peak
Active: 2000 W RMS / 4000 W Peak

Frequency range @-3dBspl

Passive: 45 Hz - 110 Hz Active: 40 Hz - 110 Hz

Sensitivity spl 2πsr

106 dB

SPL@ Peak power

Passive: 141 dB
Active: 142 dB

Nominal Impedance (Passive)

Directivity path

Passive: Omni
Active: Cardioid preset

Line Connectors (Active)

1 x IN, 1 x OUT Neutrik© XLR

HP Connectors (Passive)

2x Neutrik© Speakon linked


Birch marine Plywood 15 & 24 mm


High resistant Polyurea coating

Dimensions (WxHxD)

1200 x 605 x 800 mm


Passive: 90 kg
Active: 91 kg

Mounting accessoiries

M20 screw & 35 mm standard flange


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