Hibrid Setup pentru aplicatii LIVE SET

Hibrid Setup pentru aplicatii LIVE SET

Producător: AudioFocus
Cod produs: Hibrid Setup pentru aplicatii LIVE SET
Disponibilitate: In Stoc
126.456,00 RON TVA inclus
Pret: 26.176,39€
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Hibrid Setup pentru aplicatii LIVE SET se compune din:

Denumire produs Nr buc Descriere de baza
Audiofocus FR-X15a speaker 2 top activ, array/multi  functional FOH, 2200W RMS, 15"+
Audiofocus S21a 2 subwoofer activ 21", 3500W RMS, 145 dB
Audiofocus VENU 8a 4 Side-fill/monitor, 500W RMS, 8"+1"
Siyincs P43 CWA 2 3x12" subwoofer activ, 3000W RMS, cardio
Dynacord CMS 1000-3 1 Mixer analogic cu 16 canale
KLK LED 7x18W ,mini-mH 2 Mini-Moving head LED 7x18W, RGB, DMX
K&M distantiere reglabile 4 Distantiere reglabile pentru speakere
K&M "T" adaptor 2 Adaptoare distantiere
Cabluri XLR=XLR si Patch SET Cablurile de semnal afer

Sistemul din imagine, astfel configurat, reprezinta oferta noastra "la cheie" pentru sonorizari si un minim setup de lumini pentru evenimente cu pana la 1500 de participanti, setup perfect pentru aplicatii LIVE, de asemenea. Sistemul are o putere de 19400 W RMS la un SPL mediu de 143dB cu o distributie perfecta in toata banda de frecvente si o foarte buna arie de acoperire a sonorizarii gratie side-fill-urilor prevazute (care de asemenea pot fi folosite si pentru monitorizare), plus 652W lumina LED RGB,

Pretul oferit este absolut promotional, sistemul fiind pregatit si pentru cei ce doresc achizitia cu Fonduri Europene, are o garantie de 3 ani, iar majoritatea produselor sunt deja in stoc.

Detalii tehnice si prezentare:

Audiofocus FR-X15a speaker


FR-X 15a is compact, 2-way, self-powered enclosure. It features one 15’’ neodymium speaker in a bass-reflex enclosure and one 1,4’’ ferrite compression driver coupled to a versatile AF horn.

FR-X 15a operates over the nominal frequency range of 50Hz to 20kHz. The AF versatile horn generates a 80°x30° asymmetric directivity pattern and is easy to rotate in a few seconds. The cabinets are made of first grade Baltic birch plywood.

The FR-X rigging system allows assembling a horizontal or vertical array with constant curvature. Coupling between traditional horns causes a lot of comb effect resulting in poor sound projection and coherence in the space due to bad coupling between cabinets.

 Thanks to the AF horn and specific DSP treatment, comb effects are eliminated to ensure a perfect coupling between FRX-a cabinets and create a coherent wavefront at any location. We call that ‘’X-comb’’ technology that permits the use of rotating horn to adapt directivity and curvature array.


2-way, vented self-powered FOH system

Usable bandwith (-6dB)

50 Hz - 20 kHz ([Extended] preset)

Maximum SPL Peak / 1m

139.5 dB (1)

Coverage angle (-6dB)

80° x 30°, "VERH-II" rotating system (2)


LF: 1 x 15", neodymium, weather resistant,
HF: 1 x 1,4", ferrite, compression driver, AF versatile horn

Input impedance

10 kΩ balanced

RMS power handling

2200 W (3)


Balanced 1 x IN, 1x OUT Neutrik© XLR
1 x IN, 1 x OUT Neutrik© Powercon

Rigging components

H coupling bars + standard cargo

Dimensions (H x W x D)

680 x 429 x 437 mm (incl. feet) / 22,5°


35 kg / 77 lb


Baltic birch plywood


High resistant Polyurea coating


Steel removable grill on magnets

Mounting accessories

d35 steel flange

(1) Peak SPL is calculated on built in amplifier's peak output voltage limit, perfectly matched with specific FR-X 15a driver.
(2) ''VERH-II' system to change directivity in less than 1min without tools. 
(3) RMS power is given by the RMS power handling of the specific FR-X 15a driver.

Audiofocus S21a subwoofer


Equipped with one powerful specific 21’’ B&C neodymium driver with 4,5’’ voice coil powered by a built in Powersoft amplifier with DSP on board. The amplifier is able to deliver about 270Vpeak/4ohms which represents a short term headroom of about 6dB spl higher than than any other compact shape sub on the market.

AUDIOFOCUS state-of-the-art T-ligned + reflex design subwoofer delivering exceptional sensitivity reaching 142dB max SPL at 35 Hz and 145dB SPL at 50Hz.

Its compact size and integrated rigging makes it extremely well suited for flown coupled configurations. For easy wiring, the S21 provides additional connectors on the front grill for cardioid and end fire setup.

Perfect companion for ARES12 line array and FR-X series




Vented T-ligned - Passive/Active

Nominal Impedance

Passive: 8Ω

Power handling RMS / Peak

Passive: 1500W RMS / 3000W Peak
Active: 3500W RMS / 11550W Peak*

Frequency range @-3dBspl

Passive: 40 Hz - 500Hz
Active: 30 Hz - 100 Hz (extended preset)

Sensitivity spl 2πsr

102 dB

SPL@ Peak power

Passive: 135,7 dB
Active: 142 dB / 145 dB


21" LF B&C Custom made, 4,5" Voice coil

Line Connectors

Active: Balanced 1 x IN, 1 x OUT Neutrik© XLR

Front connection for Cardio

Active: powerCON and XLR IN OUT
Passive: speakON 4 or speakON 8 IN OUT

HP Connectors

Passive: 2x Neutrik© speakON linked


Birch marine Plywood 15 & 24 mm


High resistant Polyurea coating

Dimensions (h x w x d)

590 x 750 x 655 mm
23,22’’ x 29,52’’ x 25,78’’


Passive: 58 kg / 128 lb
Active: 60 kg / 132 lb

Mounting accessoiries

M20 screw & 35 mm compatible flange

* (215V peak/4ohms) / 18225W short term: 270V peak/4ohms



The VENU 8(a) is a 2 ways top unit for PA, parties, cafes and rental companies that need high return on investment.

This cabinet is available in self-powered (VENU 8a), passive (VENU 8) or Fine tuning version with Dante (VENU 8d)

 Multi-functional, it can be used as a single top, as a full range PA or even as a stage monitor - following your venue.

Hosting tailor-made transducers made in Italy, despite their compact size, VENU series reach exceptional sensitivity and sound quality.

The two-way Powersoft built-in amplifier is managed by AUDIOFOCUS DSP that uses SHARKS technology for zero latency filtering IIR and FIR.

AUDIOFOCUS Manager software is user-friendly to help customers to setup Eq, delay and phase adjustments.


Venu 8(a)


2-way vented Passive/Active


LF: 1x 8’’ (B&C custom made),
1’’ compression driver

Frequency range @ -3dBspl

Passive: 67 Hz - 20 kHz
Active: 55 Hz - 20 kHz

Nominal Impedance

Passive: 8 Ω
Active: 500W RMS / 800W Peak

Power handling RMS/Peak

Passive: 400W RMS / 800W Peak

Sensitivity 1W/1m



Passive: 121 dB
Active: 122,5 dB

SPL Peak (Burst crest factor*)

Passive: 128 dB(1)
Active: 133 dB(2)

Dispersion (h x v) @-6dB spl

80° conical

Protection LF/HF

Passive: PPS©

Monitor positioning

40° L and R angles (mirror wedge)


Active: Analog AES (XLR & Link) or Dante (2 x RJ45)


Birch Plywood 15 & 24mm


Black polyurethane coating UV resistant


430 x 275 x 290 mm

Dimensions (h x w x d)

16,77’’ x 10,82’’ x 11,41’’


Passive: 10,1 kg / 22.3 lb
Active: 11,5 kg / 25.4 lb

* measured burst spl in HPF mode: 1) 7 dB crest factor. 2) 11 dB crest factor. 3) 8 dB crest factor. 4) 10 dB crest factor.

Syrincs P43CWA

Active Bass Reflex Subwoofer

  • Equipped with: 3x 12" neodymium speakers
  • Power: 3000 W RMS
  • With DSP module
  • Selectable operating modes: Cardioid and Endfire
  • Tripod / Stand flange mount: 2x M20
  • Plywood housing
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 650 x 400 x 650 mm
  • Weight: 52 kg
  • Colour: Grey / Black
  • Possibility for mounting caster wheels (casters are not included, must be ordered separately)

Informatii aditionale





Pole Mount




Woofer size

3x 12"


3000 W RM


KLK LED 7x18W RGB mini-moving head

K&M distantiere

K&M “T” adaptor stand

Cabluri XLR-XLR si Patch SET


Dynacord CMS1000-3

19" Mixer

  • With built-in dual effects section
  • Connections: 6x Mic/Line inputs + 4x Mic/Stereo inputs
  • 3-band EQ with para. Mids and Voicing Filter
  • 6 AUX, Mute and PFL
  • 11-Band EQ in total
  • XLR output
  • Lamp connector: 4-pol. XLR
  • USB Interface for direct playback or recording
  • Optional matching Rackmounts: Article Nr. 177268 (not included in delivery)

Informatii aditionale

Incl. Effects Unit


19" Rack Compatible


Mic Preamps


Stereo Inputs




Phantom power


Integrated Power Supply




Digital Interface


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