Cerwin Vega T-36/750 1000W Subwoofer

Cerwin Vega T-36/750 1000W Subwoofer

Cod produs: Cerwin Vega T-36/750 1000W Subwoofer
Disponibilitate: In Stoc
3.994,80 RON TVA inclus
Pret: 865,67€
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Subwoofer pasiv de mare randament 1000W/2000W in peak, 8 Ohm, 30-300 Hz, 136dB, made in USA, stare ireprosabila, dotat cu in/out Neutrik speakon si roti in partea din spate, trapezoidal, dimensiuni: 91.5 cm x 61 cm, (RW 33 cm) x 91.5 cm, greutate: 67kg.

Produsul este utilizat, functioneaza in parametri, are usoare urme de folosinta care se observa la exterior pe mocheta speciala cu care este imbracat. Apreciem un grad de uzura de 20%. Fiind un produs second-hand (in stoc), se vinde fara garantie. Pretul de catalog este de 1500 USD, fara taxele de transport si taxele de import.

Detalii tehnice oferite de producatorul american Cerwin Vega:

Cerwin Vega T-36/750 (Cerwin Vega-SUA)

18" folded horn - 1000 watts 108db (1w - 1m)

Comparison with the legendary L-36 Portable Earthquake folded horn is inevitable. The new trapezoid-shaped cabinet is smaller (now 13" wide in the rear), yet the mouth size (6 ft 2 ) and flare cutoff frequency (32 Hz) are the same. Up to five cabinets can be packed side-by-side in a truck.

A new, highly-improved 18" driver was developed to enhance the performance of the T-36/750, and is the main reason the relatively compact T-36/750 outperforms the L-36PE in all parameters (particularly at 32 Hz). To get more undistorted output, the excursion limits have been increased to 1 1 /2" peak-to-peak through the use of newly designed surround and spider. The 18" woofer cone is made of high-strength Kapok and Kevlar; light yet very strong. The voice coil is very long yet the motor efficiency is three to five times greater than any 18" unit we know of—including the neodymium-iron-boron units claiming such advances.

Sustained high-power operation produces a lot of heat. A distinctive 1 /8" thick metal front panel conducts heat out of the cabinet interior while also providing access to the L-1815 driver. This convex-shaped panel produces several other benefits:

  • Longer horn path for low cutoff frequency
  • Increased air chamber volume for lower system resonance
  • Symmetrical loading of the subwoofer driver
  • Optimum compression loading of the driver (nearly 3:1) for higher efficiency and improved resistance to infrasonic damage ("dropped" microphone or tonearm)

The cabinet itself is constructed with 3/4" (18mm) SuperPly, an A-surface veneered void-free multi-ply material which is, pound for pound, stronger than conventional plywood. The result is a rugged, heavy-duty cabinet weighing less than 150 pounds — a relief for muscles and fly rigging. Heavy-duty casters and handles make moving a one-man job, and the cabinet is equipped with both Neutrik SpeakonTM and 1/4" phone jack (15 amp!) connections.


The T-36/750 subwoofer is designed for heavy duty use in high SPL, large venue environments. Its high efficiency and directivity make it especially well suited for large indoor sound reinforcement where reverberation and articulation can be a problem. When used in a vertical array of four or more cabinets and rigged overhead, the T-36/750 array can develop vertical directivity down to 60 Hz, directing the bass frequency signal down to the listeners and away from the concrete walls and ceiling spaces common in arenas. In smaller buildings or playback applications, cabinets can be located on the floor or in corners for increased subwoofer impact.

The T-36/750 is also the perfect system for outdoor applications. The horn loading of the 18” woofer throws higher levels over greater distances than direct radiating systems. Additionally, the drivers are not exposed to the elements — rain, wind, sun, flying bottles, etc.

When biamped (or triamped) with the Cerwin-Vega T-250 mid-high modules, a complete Intense! full-range system will produce louder, cleaner and more exciting results than most existing systems of twice the cost, weight or size. For portable sound reinforcement applications, factory-rigged sets of up to 16 cabinets per flying module are available.


  8 ohms

  30-300 Hz

  1000 Watts

  2000 Watts

SENSITIVITY (1watt/1 meter):r:
  108 dB

  136 dB

  2 dB typical

  L-1815 18" elephant motor

  52 Tesla-Meters (31 lb magnet structure)

  (2) Neutrik SpeakonTM 4-pin connectors and
  (2) 15-amp 1/4" phone jacks

  Trapezoid cabinet, 3/4" SuperPly
  covered in gray carpet.

  36" x 24"(front), (RW 13") x 36"
  91.5 cm x 61 cm, (RW 33 cm) x 91.5 cm

  148 lbs / 67.3 kg

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