IHOS D6004-DM20M-DP4808 smart buy SET

IHOS D6004-DM20M-DP4808 smart buy SET

Producător: IHOS
Cod produs: IHOS D6004-DM20M-DP4808 smart buy SET
Disponibilitate: disponibil in 5 zile
13.080,00 RON TVA inclus
Pret: 2.707,56€
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Doriti un mixer digital cu 20 de canale, doua amplificatoare cu cate 4 canale, fiecare a 3000W si un DSP processor cu 4 intrari si 8 iesiri din gama medie, totul la un pret mai mult decat acceptabil?

Atunci, IHOS D6004-DM20M-DP4808 smart buy SET este alegerea cea mai potrivita, pretul fiind realmente unul fara concurenta. Grabiti-va, stocul este limitat.

Detalii tehnice:

DM20M mixer 

·        20 channels, motorized faders, large touch screen, USB ports – everything you need for perfect live mixing. DM20M accommodates the latest technologies, to give you total control over your sound. Although ultra-compact, DM20M uses the full potential of our digital mixer expertise without compromising any features. All settings can be recalled including, most importantly, the faders – unique in this class of mixer. Full control is also available remotely via Wi-Fi, so you are free to mix anywhere in the venue.

There are 12 mic/line inputs, 2 stereo inputs all routable via 16 buses to 8 balanced outputs. Joining them is a host of professional digital interfaces – AES/EBU, SPDIF and two USB. The 1024x600 touch screen makes navigation simple and intuitive, in fact DM20M can be used straight out of the box without the need to read a 100-page manual!

Studio quality sound, multi-effects engines and full dynamics processing makes DM20M easy way to mix your sound.

·       Innovation Points 

·       Details 

·       Console Layout 

·       Application download 



Line input 

12 MIC(4 COMBO), 2 Stereo, S/PDIF input, USB input 

Input channel function 

Phase, Delay, high pass filter, 4-band parametric EQ, noise gate, Compressor, L/R Pan, Effects 

Line output 

8 assignable XLR + AES/EBU, S/PDIF and stereo headphone 

Internal signal generator 

white noise/ sine wave/ pink noise 

Phantom power 

48V, each channel switchable alone 

USB function 

USB playback/recording(WAV), system upgrade, scene storage, external USB network card 


7” 1024x600 IPS high definition touch screen 


max support 192KHz/24-bit 

Sample frequency 



fourth generation ADI 40-bit float point SHARC processor, 450M 


up to 8 effect modules(2 Reverb, 2 Modulation, 2 Delay and 2 15-band GEQ) 


custom Android system 


yes via external USB module 

IPAD control 


Internal AMP output 


Power supply 

100-240V 50/60Hz 






DP4008, digital management system

DP series, a professional audio processor.
96 kH sampling frequency, 32-bit DSP processor, 24-bit A/D and D/A converter.
8 bands PEQ, Gain (+/- 20dB), delay up to 1000 ms, polarity and mute for each channel.
Lo-shelf and Hi-shelf for output channels.
HPF/LPF: 12dB, 18dB, 24dB or 48dB.
Crossover type: Bessel, Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley.
Channel copy function for Input/Output channels.
20 groups of users settings. Central control support.
WiFi, USB, RS232 interfaces.
Equipped with professional PC software



Professional audio processor 4 input/ 8output, 96KHz sampling frequency, 32bit DSP, 24bit A/D and D/A converter, 8 bands PEQ, delay up to 1000ms, HPF and LPF filters, wifi access point, PC software and ipad apllication.

4 Input / 8 Output channels.
Input impedance: 20 kΩ.
Output impedance: 100 Ω.
1x USB port.
CMRR: >70 dB (1 kHz).
Impot range: ≤+18 dBu.
Frequency: 20 Hz - 20 kHz (-0.5 dB).
S/N: >110 dB.
THD: <0,01 % Output= 0dBu / 1 kHz.
Separation: >80 dB (1 kHz).
Input channels:

Delay adjustment range: 0 - 1000 ms.
Polarity - in phase (+) & reversed phase (-).
PEQ: 8 bands PEQ, Freq: 20 Hz - 20 kHz, bandwidth 0,05 - 3 oct. Step: 0,05 oct, Gain +/- 20 dB, Step: 0,1 dB.

Output channels:

Select: each output channel can be select different input channels, you can select any combination of input channels.
Gain: adjustment range: 12dB, step: 0,1 dB.
Delay adjustment range: 0 - 1000 ms.
Polarity - in phase (+) & reversed phase (-).
PEQ: Each output channel with 8 bands PEQ and 3 modes: PEQ/Lo-shelf/Hi-shelf.
Frequency: LPF, HPF, mode: Linkwitz - Riley/Bessel/Butterworth, FREQ: 20 Hz - 20 kHz, Slop:12dB/oct, 18dB/oct, 48dB/oct.
Limiter: Gate level: 20dB, step: 1dB, start time: 0,3 ms - 100 ms, <1 ms, Step: 0,1 ms>, 1ms, Step: 1 ms Release Time is the 4, 8, 16, 32 times of the start time.
Processor: 96 kHz sampling frequency, 32-bit DSP chip processor, 24-bit A/D and D/A converter.
Consumption: ≤25W.
Power input: 110 / 240 Volt AC, 50/60 Hz.
Gross Weight: 3,15 Kg.
Package dimensions: 57 x 26 x 9 cm.


D6004, power amplifier


8 ohms Stereo Power: 4x 1500W.
4 ohms Stereo Power: 4x 3000W.
Input connetor XLR: female.
Input impedance: 20k ohms balanced.
Input Sensitivity: 0.77V 1.44V.
Input CMRR: >80dB.
Output: connector Speakon.
Hum&Noise: >112dB.
Damping Factor: >1000 @ 8 ohms.
THD: <0.1% (20Hz-20kHz 1W).
Frequency Response: 20Hz-34KHz,(+0/-0.3dB, 1W/8ohms).
Level control: front level meter, from negative infinity to 0dB.
Cooling: variable speed fans, front to rear airflow.
Power Requirements: AC voltage 180-240V 50-60Hz.
Amplifier dimensions: 88mm x 490mm x 415mm.
Packing dimensions: 150mm x 600mm x 520mm.
Net weight(kg): 13
Gross weight(kg): 16.2



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